The Jean-Henri Fabre Harmas and Naturoptère offer a unique encounter with biodiversity. A single ticket gives you admission to both these adjoining sites.

The Muséum welcomes you to an immersive tour of the life and work of Jean-Henri Fabre, the naturalist who turned an harmas—Provençal for a fallow plot—into an open-air laboratory. From the farmhouse with its colourful shutters to the one-hectare grounds with their Mediterranean vegetation, come and admire the beauty of the place, take a break in the open air, and discover the life and work of an all-round genius.

One location, one ticket, two destinations

At Naturoptère, just next door to the Harmas, biodiversity is also the focus. Here again, young and old alike will find plenty to whet their curiosity. This cultural and educational centre is entirely dedicated to the environment and nature. It's a unique destination in France, offering a wide range of activities year round. 
For novices and more knowledgeable visitors alike, the exhibitions and events provide an opportunity to be amazed, to learn, to ask questions and to exchange ideas, all while having a great time. Scientific information, interviews with specialists, games on touch screens and a visitor's guide are all on offer. 

Take advantage of flash activities to share special moments with interpretative staff! A variety of nature-related themes are explored in fun, lively workshops open to all. It's a great, different way to learn about insects and plants. 

The tour also takes you outside to explore the semi-natural gardens. Designed as a refuge for biodiversity, they are teeming with plants of all kinds: fruit trees and aromatics, and plants used to make textiles, dyes, medicine and perfumes. You can also see the mounded vegetable garden and the green roof. Finally, find out about the nature walks and training courses on offer, as well as scheduled shows and lectures. The choice is yours!

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