Temporary closure

The Harmas Jean-Henri Fabre is currently closed for renovations and will reopen in summer 2023.

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Harmas de Fabre : le jardin © MNHN - Agnès Iatzoura

Hours, admission prices, shop and map

Visit the Harmas Jean-Henri Fabre and enter the private life of the famous naturalist.

Opening times

The Harmas Jean-Henri Fabre is currently closed for renovations and will reopen in summer 2023.


During winter (November to February):

Single price: €5

Outside the winter period:

Full rate: €7
Concession: €5

  • Young people under 25 residing in the EU on presentation of proof.
  • Education Pass holders
  • Everyone pays full rate within non-school and non-assimilated groups of 20+ people, reservations are obligatory (one free ticket is offered after 20 people have paid)


  • Children under age 3 on presentation of proof.
  • Disabled people and their carers on presentation of valid certificate issued by the Maisons Départementales des Personnes Handicapées (MDPH).
  • Welfare beneficiaries (according to the Ministry of Solidarity and Health) and those mentioned on the certificate, upon presentation of the valid certificate and photo ID.
  • Groups of individuals in social difficulty.
  • Unemployed people on presentation of a valid certificate or dating less than 6 months issued by Pôle-Emploi and photo ID.
  • Museum staff on presentation of the current year’s card and photo ID.
  • Museum student on presentation of valid card and photo ID.
  • Valid ICOM/ICOMOS card holders with photo ID.
  • Teachers preparing an independent visit with proof from the school, or a guided tour or workshop on presentation of the reservation.
  • French or foreign journalists with valid press ID (with validity date).
  • Military staff with Carte Sentinelle.
  • 1 extra person in a group of 20+ people (group leader, driver, etc.)
  • Groups training for the DIREF, accompanied by a Museum staff member.

Payment: cash, cheques, banking cards.

Combined tickets with the Naturoptère

We offer combined tickets with the Naturoptère. 

Full rate: €12
Concession: €8

The Naturoptère is an instructional social entity, managed by the Université Populaire Ventoux, but also a cultural and scientific instructional centre dedicated to insects, plants and their environment.

Chemin du Grès
84830 Sérignan-du-Comtat


Shop & map

Our shop offers a selection of books about the Harmas and Jean-Henri Fabre and on related scientific topics.

You will find:

  • books about Jean-Henri Fabre,
  • books on plants, insects, and nature in general, as well as more specialised works on the local fauna and flora,
  • pictures of the Harmas,
  • fair trade garden decoration,
  • postcards,
  • stuffed animals,
  • children's games,
  • some mugs...

You can also consult our bibliographical list which gives details of certain of these works.