Temporary closure

The Harmas Jean-Henri Fabre is currently closed for renovations and will reopen in summer 2023.

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Fabre centenaire - DR

Jean-Henri Fabre

See the portrait of the man who found the Harmas a fantastic observation ground.

Admired by Darwin and Bergson, honoured by the Institut de France, the work of Jean-Henri Fabre deserves to remain known and recognised: that of a naturalist in the full meaning of the term – an indefatigable observer of the richness and endless variety of nature. By turns entomologist, cryptogamist, and geologist, Jean-Henri Fabre had the knack of transmitting his knowledge. He found the words to describe nature, just as when he was teaching his young pupils in Avignon, and his immense work, destined to be read by all future generations, was born of his superb talent as a storyteller of nature.